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Proximal Fracture and more....

What a long time I have been away from this blog! I tumbled over a box on 26th June, a little trip, and fractured my shoulder into 3, injured my neck, knees and tore the rotator cuff.

I did not believe the specialist who told me I would be able to paint again in a few months...

Unbelievable! Now returning gradually to my art with pins and plates holding things together, a massive scar, and some apprehension. I have discovered that the fingers and hands are not the only limb parts essential to botanical art- the upper arm and shoulder are essential, for circles, shading steady lines, holding the hands steady. Considerable strength is required to keep hands drawing and painting in the botanical manner for more than a few minutes, again involving the upper arm/shoulder.

I can draw straight lines again, shade and circles, but for very brief periods. Silver lining- I used to have a tremor in my wrist which seems to have been fixed! I am doing tai chi on the advice of my physio., which has been amazingly beneficial, probably fixed the wrist.

I have so much unfinished work and projects that need to begin, I do not know where to start. Sadly had to pull out of H-Art, the local art week which is a very exciting week in the county of Herefordshire.This is disappointing, having put so much planning into it. Realistically, I am not able to sit/stand or draw and paint for very long. Still, gradually pictures to post!

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