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I am now offering various classes  in which a variety of media is taught. At beginner’s level, I offer lessons to loosen up your hand and get you started with drawing, brush and colour skills in watercolour, graphite and Silverpoint. Accurate botanical drawing and painting skills are taught.

I also offer lessons for those wishing to break away from the basics and into more expressive botanical art and colour work that still remains true to the principals of Botanical Art.

Silverpoint is an old and very beautiful medium, and is highly sustainable. It can give rise to very beautiful images. I also use the best watercolours with vibrant colours to enhance the outcome of student's work.

I provide all the materials required for each class. Below are some examples of classes that I teach.

Set of different fresh tropical leaves o

Luscious Leaves

Meet people, relax, learn and have fun with my 'Painting Leaves' class, while developing your skills. Leaves can be tiny or giant, local or tropical, any colour under the sun. Drawing accurately, and painting with watercolour paints are taught. This is a fun and excellent way to break out of your comfort zone while working on your artistic talent. The structure and form of leaves and their many colours are explored. I personally work with each attendee in order to discover and work on artistic learning. needs. I teach Botanical Art principals, as well as drawing and watercolour techniques.

Drawing & Painting Flowers

Want to learn how to draw flowers from life using graphite or silverpoint on prepared ground? I also present classes on drawing and painting flowers in watercolour-transparent and beautiful colours. Plant structure, colour theory  and drawing skills are taught. I provide high quality painting materials.

Flowers composition. Pink flowers on pas
Watercolor Paints

Painting Botanically, Expressively

Push the boundaries of your self expression- using principles of botanical drawing and painting, then taking it a step further to create vibrant works of blooms, petals, plant parts and leaves. I present examples of work by others to contribute to the learning. The importance of plant anatomy is a focus in all the classes.

Botanical Art course

Learn new skills, perhaps develop existing ones, meet new people. A warm welcome awaits every one attending this class. Suitable for beginners. Students have a choice of subject from a wide range of blooms provided. This course covers drawing the specimen botanically, dissection, classification, then developing the drawing to a botanically accurate painting using watercolour paints on paper. Classes at Trumpet Corner Gallery are fully catered by Jo, the proprietor, with delicious cake and refreshments and  excellent lunches.